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UInvest is a marketplace where business owners and investors meet each other. Here you can become a co-owner of a business. Interacting with the website, you buy shares of enterprises and get dividends on a monthly basis. You can trade your shares with other investors, buy or sell them in real time like on a stock exchange.

UInvest is not a financial consultant, we provide you with investment opportunities. Choose a project you like, decide how much you want to invest and build your investment portfolio.


You can register your own account by clicking on “Register” link on the left side of Uinvest homepage. A registration form will appear. Fill-in all the required fields, information related to money transfer can be provided later. Check the box to accept Uinvest Terms and Conditions and click on Register button.

Registration is completed. Your login details including password is sent to the e-mail address you specify in the form. Check your email (including your spambox). After that you will be able to log in Uinvest system.

If you would like to change your email later after registration you should submit a request via Uinvest Support Ticket System. After Uinvest administration considers the account activity within 48 hours your email change will be admitted or declined depending on certain situation. This is due to security reasons to avoid fraudulent use of your account.


Account Home Page

Personal Account Management allows registered users to manage their account settings, money, and assets. After you log in you get to your private area homepage. There you can see the latest news related to your activities in Uinvest system.

Account Management

Account Management section includes "My Account", "Edit Profile", and "Uinvest Ticket System" pages.

“My Account” page shows general information on your profile settings, balance, login data, contacts, payment info, and protection data.

“Edit Profile” page allows you changing your details. By clicking on User Status, Contact Info, Payment Info, and IP Protection tabs you can edit related details and activate/deactivate Uinvest services.

User Status tab – shows your current balance.

Contact Info tab – here you can edit your contact details including your name, username, password, address and phone, and bank details.

Payment Info tab – edit your payment methods information. Also, here you can activate/deactivate Gold Balance service and see the date of its status next change (available once per 24 hours).

IP Protection tab – here you can select IP Protection service status and see your protected IP.

Uinvest Ticket System will help you in the case of any trouble while Uinvest system use or if you want to get quick replies to your questions. It allows you submitting, managing and searching your tickets (requests). Also, Uinvest Knowledgebase is available here to help you in getting information related to Uinvest.

Money Management

Money Management section includes “Add Funds”, “Withdraw”, and “Withdraw History” pages.

Deposit to Uinvest account

“Add Funds” page allows you selecting your preferred method of deposit to your Uinvest account.

Credit Card
Wire transfer
Check payments
Liberty Reserve

After clicking on the payment method a pulldown form appears. Enter the sum you are going to add, click on “pay” button, and follow instructions.

Note: there are restrictions for some payment methods for certain accounts. You can submit a request to find out if this option is available for you.

After you submit a request you will see the following message under the selected payment method:

You will get a confirmation message to your email. After you provide the required information your request will be considered within 48 hours. Depending on each individual case your request for certain payment method will be approved or declined.

Withdrawal from Uinvest account

On “Withdraw Funds” page you can submit a request for withdrawal from Uinvest system. Fill in the form specifying amount, payment method, and follow instructions of the payment system selected.

Note: due to security reasons some accounts are allowed to withdraw funds only via the same payment method as used for adding funds.You can clarify payment methods available for your account by submitting a ticket via Uinvest Ticket System before withdrawal. Withdrawals are free of charge.

Withdrawal processing period:

AlertPay, Liberty Reserve          up to 24 hours
PayPal                                    up to 48 hours
Credit Card (VISA), Check        up to 72 hours
Wire transfer                            up to 5 working days

On “Withdraw History” page you can see statistics of all your withdrawals.

Assets Management

Assets Management section includes “Invest Projects”, “Account Activity”, “Portfolio”, and “Sell Shares” pages.

On Invest Projects page you can find list of business available for investment. Here you can invest in business or get to Uinvest Shares Exchange (USE) by clicking on “Invest” button or “buyers and sellers” link near each project relatively.

Account Activity page provides detailed statistics of your account activity. By clicking on an appropriate tab you can see your funds, purchased shares, completed/active orders, and your referrals activity.  Also, you can filter these statistics by projects, dates, amounts, prices, earnings, and status by clicking on a related column header or quickly find required information by using search option.

Portfolio page shows a pie diagram indicating ratio of your current funds available and invested in various projects.

Sell Shares page allows you quickly sell your shares. Fill in all the fields in the form and clock on "Create" button. A pop-up dialog appears to confirm the sale; there you can also see total amount you will get after the order is complete. Click on “create”.

Message System

Message system allows registered investors exchanging messages within Uinvest system. After you login you will see "Private massage” sign on the right top corner. If you have got new messages an envelope image blinks indicating unread messages.

Click on it and you will get to the message system page with four tabs - Inbox, Outbox, Trashcan, and Compose. This is similar to any other e-mail system.
In your inbox you can see and manage the received massages.

In outbox all messages sent by you are kept.

Note: you can recall a message you have sent before in the case if the recipient has not read it yet. After you recall a message you can edit it and resend.


To compose a new message, click on “Compose” tab. You can use some special tags to format your text, i.e. change size, color.
Note: you can send a message to only one recipient at a time, and message text is limited to 2.500 characters.

User’s Rank

Rating System increases Uinvest’s loyalty to an investor, i.e. his withdrawal requests are processed faster, his thickets in Support Ticket System have higher priority, he gets higher commission in Affiliate Program or he can get some exclusive offers, for example, exchange his point to GUN shares, get some special care or an interest on unused (not invested) funds on his Uinvest account. These options and terms are given on the base of analysis of each single account activity. Rating depends on your activities within Uinvest system and indicates level of your efficiency for the whole Uinvest community. It is recalculated once per 24 hours.
You can see it on the top of the page after you log in Uinvest.

Increasing rating:
While you deposit money on your Uinvest account, buy shares or bring new people as referrals to Uinvest, you get points increasing your rating. The more positive actions an investor does and the heavier his investment portfolio becomes the higher rating he gets.

Decreasing rating:
Withdrawing money from Uinvest account causes reducing an investment portfolio and decreasing rating indicators as well as referrals' actions affect your rating. The more shares you sell and the more you withdraw the lower your rating drops.


How to Invest

After registration you can start investing in any business listed on Uinvest website. You invest into business by buying its shares via Uinvest system. Investing process is automated and does not cost you anything.

First you should choose among businesses listed on Assets Management page. Brief description of the project with video and pictures is available on each business description page; it also includes information on monthly earnings, investment period, and shares price variation chart. To start investing, click on “Invest” button.

You will be forwarded to Orders page where you can place an order for buying shares of the business.

There you see the “Existing Orders” section, the “Create new Order” section, and your stock of this project.

In “Existing Orders” you see a table. This table is divided into two parts: “Who wants to buy” and “Who wants to sell”. There is a list of current members who want to buy or sell the shares of this business. So there you could see a price asked per one share, quantity of shares to buy/sell, and a date of the order placing. This table also allows you comparing prices asked per a share by different members.

In the “Create new order” section, select type “Purchase”, enter quantity of shares you want to buy and your price per share then click on “CREATE”.

A pop-up dialog appears to confirm the order; there you can also see the total amount you are going to spend. Click on “create”.

Next, the page shown below appears for several seconds.

You placed an order for shares. Your order is now listed in the table “Who wants to buy”. This order is considered as “an active order”. You can cancel this order any time by clicking on “del” icon next to it.

If the required shares are available in stock or some member places an order for sale of shares at the price you offer the Uinvest Service will automatically complete the order, and you will see a list of bought shares in your stock (“My shares on this project” table), and the order is considered as “completed”.

Congratulations! Your first investment has been done! From now on you get income every month from the shares you bought.

Getting Earnings & Preventing Losses

After you bought shares earnings are automatically accumulated on your Uinvest balance every month. Earnings for each share are accrued to your account on the date of the share purchase. Uinvest takes 10% commission from your monthly earnings amount.

Monthly earning per share is the rate, which is placed by a seller and this value can change contingently by the market situation at the seller's field. Also, monthly earnings depend on profit of a business. Activities of some businesses are seasonal, so this factor could also affect your monthly earnings. If a business doesn't perform well investors may easily notice it by observing a decrease in earnings and share value on Account Activity page of Assets Management section in your private area.

Share Exchange (USE)
Global Uinvest Network (GUN)

Global Uinvest Network may be accessed in your Personal Account Management. GUN is the world Online Global Equity Exchange. Every business in the world may offer its shares to individuals from anywhere, online. GUN page brings you to the service description. There are three way of dealing with GUN:

  1. to become a starter partner
  2. to become an advanced partner
  3. to buy GUN shares

Each way is described on a related page: Starter GUN, Advanced GUN, and Own Gun.

Starter GUN is for those who would like to get profit from selling shares of GUN business via their office or shop. Their company/office becomes a part of Global Uinvest Network and is considered as Starter Partner. The Starter Partner gets fixed percent from every share he sold.

To become the Starter Partner click on "apply" button on Starter GUN page. A request form appears, fill in all the required fields and click on "submit" button.

The application is considered up to two weeks.

Advanced GUN is for those who would like to get profit from bringing new business to Global UInvest Network. They search for businesses that need financing and settle a deal with them. Their company becomes a part of Global Uinvest Network and is considered as Advanced Partner. The Advanced Partner gets 1) fixed one-time commission from each share sold to investors via Uinvest and 2) fixed commission from each share resold by uinvestors via UInvest Share Exchange, and is paid as long as the investment period lasts.

To become the Advanced Partner click on "apply" button on Advanced GUN page. A request form appears, fill in all the required fields and click on "submit" button.

The application is considered up to two weeks.

Own GUN page is available only for those who hold shares of Global Uinvest Network; otherwise GUN description page appears. Click on “process to invest" button on the description page to buy GUN shares. You will be forwarded to the page with list of Uinvest projects where you can buy GUN shares.

After you buy GUN shares you will become a co-owner of GUN project. On Own GUN page, as a GUN shareholder, you can see your dashboard with information on GUN co-owners and GUN related events.

Shares-To-GUN-Exchange page provides a tool to exchange your points, gained from shares you own, for GUN shares. These points are calculated on the basis of shares cost you own for at least a month; 0.7 points for each 1$.

 To exchange your points for GUN shares tick the box near the share points you are going to exchange. The tool automatically calculates amount of the points you ticked and amount of points left to buy 1 GUN share. As soon as you tick points enough to buy 1 GUN share, the tool starts calculating points for the second GUN share to buy, and so on. Below the table you will see quantity of GUN shares you will get for your ticked points.

If the total amount of ticked points exceeds cost of GUN share, it will be converted to money and added to your balance.

Click the “exchange” button. You exchanged your points for GUN shares and got some extra money to your account as a change.

Gold Balance

This service allows you making profit from the money available on your account and not invested in anything. Uinvest gives an opportunity to deposit your unused money in real gold. According to the world tendencies and analysis gold keeps going up in value for last years. In the short-run gold price can be volatile, but in the long-run, gold goes higher.

After you login you will see a small image of gold bullion next to your USD balance amount. Point on the gold bullion image with a mouse and a popup window appears; it contains information on amount of ounces equivalent to your current balance.

You can activate or deactivate this service in your Account Management section, on Edit Profile page, “Payment Info” tab. Activating the feature means that you bought a certain amount of gold for the money available on the moment of activating.

If Gold Balance is activated, your USD balance is updated every 24 hours. In this case your USD balance depends on variation in price of gold on the world market. If the price for gold gets down – your USD balance decreases, if the price gets up – your USD balance increases. But the gold amount you bought while activating the Gold Balance remains unchanged.

You can deactivate Gold Balance any time. After deactivating the feature your USD balance remains as it was on the moment of deactivating but you can see variation in amount of ounces equal to your current balance. Deactivating the feature means you sold your gold for the current price.

You can activate/deactivate Gold Balance only once per 24 hours. This service does not affect other your actions or services in Uinvest system.


Affiliate Program provides an opportunity to earn while your referrals make deposits on Uinvest. Bring new people to Uinvest and as they deposit funds on their Uinvest account you are paid a commission. The commission includes a sum of a base and dynamic percentage. Base percentage is counted regarding to your rating, it can be 4-10%. Dynamic percentage is calculated monthly and grows with every new deposit, and it renews with every month from 0. So, the more your referrals deposit the higher commission you get.

Getting Referrals

Your referrals are brought to Uinvest via your personal affiliate link. After you log in click on "Partnership" at the foot of the page and Affiliate Program dashboard will appear. There on the right side you can see your affiliate link.

Every person registered on Uinvest website via your affiliate URL is considered your referral.

Also, on the same page you find add banner links.

Viewing Statistics

By clicking on Partnership link on the foot of the page you get to the Affiliate Program Dashboard. There also you can find statistics on your commissions, payment history, traffic logs, and account. All the information can be sorted by dates, URLs, amounts, etc. Quick search is also available for easy access to the required information.

Also, you can view your referrals activity, their earnings and your affiliate percent. For this go to Assets Management section – Account Activity page – Referral Activity tab. If you don't see your referrals list, click on left arrow button at Your Referrals bar. A pull-down table with referrals' IDs appears. Search by dates is also available there.


Gold Contest

Gold contest is conducted to choose and award Investor of The Year with 100g gar of gold. The prize is sent to the winner's address by post regardless of his/her location and country. To participate in the contest you should activate Gold Balance feature in Account Management section, "Edit profile" page, "Payment info" tab. Then add your account for participation on Uinvest Gold Contest page by clicking on “Apply” button any time during the contest period. If the contest is over, this button is not available and the winner’s name is shown instead.

Gold Contest Terms

The most active investor within a contest period becomes a winner. Starting from Sept 30, 18.00 GMT Uinvest time, all your deposits, your referrals commission, and monthly dividends are summed up. Every day this amount becomes null and grows as you get new earnings, referral commission or make deposit to your Uinvest account within 24 hours.
Based on your amount you are automatically positioned in The Daily Top list. This list is updated every 5 minutes. The 1st position has a counter calculating minutes for each account being on it.
If you get 1st position in The Daily Top your account is automatically positioned in The Total Top list. So, The Total Top includes those accounts being on the 1st position of The Daily Top at least 5 minutes (upon updating). Based on the total minutes of your being on the 1st position of The Daily Top, you are automatically positioned in The Total Top list. The more minutes you have the higher your position is.
The winner is the one who is on the 1st position of the Total Top at 23:59:59 on Dec 23. The winner is announced on Dec 24.

Affiliate Contest

Investors engaged in Affiliate Program can participate in this contest. As soon as your referral commission starts growing you automatically start taking part in it. The Affiliate Contest has started on October 2011 and ends on April 1st, 2012.
Winners are awarded every week with $100, and every month with $500. The money is added to the winner’s UInvest online account.



IP Protection

IP Protection prevents unauthorized access to your account. You may allow access from your IP address only or set to be notified on every login attempt from different IP address.

By default IP Protection service is set to “notify” option. You can change this option in your Account Management section, on Edit Profile page, IP Protection tab.

CONFIRM – the highest security level. Only certain permitted IP addresses are allowed to access your account.
NOTIFY – you will get just an email notification on every successful login from other IP address.
DISABLE – turn off the feature.

Before you select “confirm” option make sure your IP address is not dynamic otherwise you will not be able to log in. You can check this with your Internet provider.

In this case you will get a confirmation message containing activation link for this IP address to the email specified during your registration. Follow the link and upon activation this IP will be allowed to log in your account.

If for some reason you can’t access your email or did not get an activation link, contact our support team via

PIN-code Protection

Personal PIN Code increases protection level of your information and money. Once you set it the security system will ask you to enter it every time you change in your personal information or withdraw funds. Without this code confirmation no changes will be accepted. This ensures keeping your money and information safely even in the case if someone hacks your account.
When you log in Uinvest system for the first time after registration you have to set a 5-digit Personal PIN Code in a pop-up window. Remember it and don't tell anyone.

After PIN Code is entered incorrectly 5 times it will be blocked and you will need to contact our security department via Support Ticket System. After the security department runs additional verification of your identity Uinvest will allow you to create a new code. Until that you can log in your account but will not be able to make any changes or actions related to withdrawal.


General features

Uinvest website provides chat service for anyone, both guests and registered users. By default the chat bar is minimized to the bottom of your browser window.

There are several tabs on the chat bar.

"# People here" tab contains list of all people (guests and registered) available on the website at the moment. Point on a nickname by a mouse and a pop-up window appears where you can see the user's country, and choose chat or block him. If you are logged in Uinvest system you can specify your status. Quick search allows you finding users in the list. Also, you can turn off chat sound. If the chat bothers you it can be hidden by clicking on "Turn off". Later you can access the chat bar again by clicking on button in the right lower corner.

"Uinvest chat" tab is a main chat moderated by Uinvest team and is always available. Click on it to view or participate. You can start typing directly.

"New chat" tab appears if you are logged in Uinvest system. Registered users can create their own public chats and invite other people to them.

If you select "Everyone" any user can join your chat. If you select "No one" users invited by you only can participate in your chat. After you create the chat it will be seen by everyone on the website. "Private chat" tab appears after you invite someone for a private chat or accept invitation from other users.
If you are not logged in the system, you are given a chat nickname automatically. You cannot create your own chat directly but can invite others from the list to a private chat.
Uinvest chat provides automatic translation for non-English speaking users. Translation language is set automatically based on your country detected by the system. You can turn on this feature for each user separately by clicking on “Enable translation” under his reply in a chat.
All the chat windows have a toolbar where you can see participants’ information, invite more people, minimize the chat or open it in a separate window for more convenient view.

Quantity of people participating or viewing chats is shown on the chat title tab. If new replies appear while the chat window is minimized its tab colour changes into yellow, and a number of new replies you haven't seen yet is indicated (if new replies exceed 10 then “!” appears).

Color of users indicates their status.
Red – Uinvest support team
Green – registered users
Grey - guests

Creating Chat and Inviting

If you are not logged in Uinvest system there are several steps for creating a private or public chat. First, you should sign in. After you click on "chat" a pop-up window appears where you can select a sign-in method using your existing accounts in Envolve, Twitter or Facebook. If you sign in as a guest you can choose your nickname.

After you signed in a “new chat” tab appears and you can create your own public chat. To invite people to your own public chat simply drag nicknames from the list of users and drop them into you chat window. The user will receive an invitation for chat and if he accepts it he will appear in your chat window toolbar.

To invite people from the list for a private chat click on "chat" next to a nickname. You can start a private chat as soon as the user accepts your invitation.

If someone invites you to a private or public chat you will see an invitation window where you can accept or ignore the invitation.